It all started in 1989

Jeroen van Roekel started cycling on a BMX bike. That didn’t take long: after seeing a mountain bike he was hooked. He bought the first mountain bike he layed eyes on. That was the beginning of his passion.


For a while Jeroen even participated in races to test his mountainbike skills, but he soon discovered that just relaxing and admiring all the latest gear was more to his liking


Purchase of our building

Since the late nineties the idea of a Mountainbike Museum started to grow. In 2014 Jeroen found the perfect place for that in a cooperation with the City of Arnhem: an old school building at the address of Kemperbergerweg 5a. Perfect for a retro museum!


Opening of the Mountainbike Museum!

On the 12th of July 2015, the Mountainbike Museum was officially opened by none other than Bart Brentjens, ten times Dutch world champion of mountain biking!


Improvements to the museum

Improving the museum is an ongoing effort, after a few years it is really noticable that there is more attention for the sport and we keep improving the building, facilities and collection


5 years Mountainbike Museum!

In 2020 the museum celebrates its five years anniversary. A lot has happened over these past five years! The museum has grown into a community space for all mountain bike enthusiasts. In 2019 a Trailcenter has been added to the museum, with showers, dressing rooms and lockers. In the future we hope to develop the Mountainbike Museum even further: we can’t get enough of it!