Come visit us

We would love to see you in the museum at Kemperbergerweg 5a 6816 RM in Arnhem, since we are in a residential area please be sensible about where you park your car. If you have question about a good place to stay or where to park your car please just give us a call at +31(0)26 848 20 77

We’re the perfect place to start or finish your mountain bike ride. Walk around between the hundreds of bikes and memorabilia, have a nice cup of coffee and talk to other mountain bike enthusiasts.

We have washrooms and women’s and men’s dressing rooms. Each dressing room has two showers. We also have lockers that you can use to put away your valuables.

Regular opening hours friday, saturday and sunday from 9:00 till 17:00.

Visit and experience mountainbike history.

Our Mountainbike Museum & Trailcenter is located in an old school building. That makes it perfect for a retro museum. Our original gym with basketball net and gym equipment gives it a real retro feeling.

The collection is displayed in three classrooms. We use our gym to display a special collection of mountain bikes. For example, just mountain bikes from Klein, Specialized, GT or Giant. The gym is also available for parties, meetings or presentations. There is a bar in the room which you can use. We also have a large area outside.
You can use the gym and outside area for:

  • Gathering
  • Meeting place
  • Pop-up store
  • Presentation room
  • Party venue

Or anything else you can think of!