‘Mountainbike Museum, your museum.’

Our Mission & Vision

The Mountainbike Museum & Trailcenter has given itself the mission to be a community, everyone is welcome.


We show our audience where the passion for mountain biking has originated, tell how the mountain bike sport has developed and where nature and movement come together in mountain biking. We do this in our stunning wooded area of Arnhem!
In our retro museum and trail centre, time stops. The enthusiasm of fans come together and you can experience the sport at your own level.

Part of the mission is also to educate people about the sport, the materials, the community and the possibilities.
Jeroen van Roekel wants to make mountain biking accessible for all. How?
As many people as possible riding mountain bikes, that’s the goal.
We want you to get to know our environment: the beautiful Arnhem with its woodlands and hills.

With us you can relax, enjoy everything that mountain biking has to offer. You’re going to experience what exercising in nature does for you.
Our mission is a success when our visitors leave with a smile and are relaxed and fit feeling. Then our job is done!


We want to keep stimulating people in the future, to get on a mountain bike.

Our organisation is a private initiative. In almost five years it’s grown to be a meeting place for mountain bike lovers. Every organisation wants to keep developing, keep growing. We would like to set up an association by and for mountain bike lovers. An association where the love for the sport is the focus point. Going on rides together, workshops, meetings and sharing knowledge is the goal. That’s how we will boost awareness of the sport in Arnhem (and hopefully far outside of Arnhem).

Green, greener, greenest

Mountain biking is an environmentally friendly sport. We want to use our love for nature: making sure that there’s attention for the natural environment. We want to achieve this by organizing clean-up rides and making bikers think about their impact on the environment. We’ve incorporated this theme in our building too: a lot of our materials are re-used from the mountain bikes such as the standing tables in the hall, which are made from recycled oil drums with bicycle wheels for tops.

We want to achieve this together.

Mountainbike Museum, our museum.