Vintage Bike Masters 2023 / 22-24 september

The Mountainbike Museum is proud to be a partner of the Vintage Bike Masters! From September 22nd to 24th, we will be celebrating one of the first international championships taking place in the beautiful Klosters, Switzerland. This region is known as the largest MTB area of its time, and we are honored to be part of this historic event.

The podium of this championship is filled with iconic names: Frischi, Bonazzi, Sprich, Daucourt. These legendary riders have shaped the history of mountain biking and deserve our admiration. And now, it's time to ride on the original tracks and enjoy the authentic experience!

We will be riding the bikes from that era, alongside some great personalities. Since 1994, the Swiss Bike Masters Marathon has set new standards. 120 km with 5000 meters of elevation gain were enormous challenges. With 4000 participants, these are astonishing numbers. And the views are breathtaking.

We'll be riding our vintage bikes on the original tracks. Along the way, there will be numerous refreshment stations serving delicious local food. Klosters was one of the first places in Europe to allow biking on trails and cable cars. It hosted iconic international races in the early days of mountain biking. It is still a paradise for the earliest MTB enthusiasts, with many of the original trails from the 90s remaining untouched.

This truly is the most authentic playground for an unforgettable vintage MTB festival. Come and celebrate with us the history, the sport, and the beautiful surroundings of Klosters. The Popup Mountainbike Museum warmly welcomes you!